10 Top Job Earnings For College Graduates

There is a wide variety of courses available now that it seems impossible to pick one, but we do since we have to on the basis of our passion for a particular subject. Whatever may be the reason, it’s only natural to think about how much our degree would make a difference while searching for a better paying job.

Gone are the days when getting college education was an option, today getting a college education means better prospects for jobs and better rewards.

Let’s take a look at how much an education affects ones potential earnings. The following is the list of the 10 fastest-growing jobs in the United States over the coming ten years, along with the average annual salaries for each job.

  1. Medical Assistants ($23,940)
  2. Social & Human Service Assistants ($23,370)
  3. Home Health Aides ($20,670)
  4. Medical Records & Health Information Technicians ($23,890)
  5. Physical Therapist Aides ($20,670)
  6. Physical Therapist Assistants ($36,080)
  7. Network Systems & Data Communications Analysts ($58,420)
  8. Physician Assistants ($64,670)
  9. Computer Software Engineers, Applications ($70,900)
  10. Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software ($74,040)

It is very easy to see that an occupation that requires a college degree offers jobs with high salaries. Along with good salaries, promotions and advancement are waiting for you. Do not stop at annual salaries but when comparing your earning levels, you should consider your aggregate. This would benefit you.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has determined that people with Bachelor cheap cialis soft degrees take home over 98% more lifetime pay, on average, than non-college graduates. Individuals with Master’s degrees earn an aggregate of over 170% more. Those numbers are averages, of course, which mean that, in practice, when you enter the job market armed with a college degree, you’ll have far more specific ability to affect your pay. You will then be able to chart your own professional course.

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