Advertising Manager

Career Overview

Advertising managers manages advertising along with promotion of entire team within a business. In a small firm, advertising managers are often linked through expert advertising firms, which are in charge for preparing of advertising resources on an agreement basis. The agency grows with a concept and the artwork for an advertisement or an advertisement promotion.

In big firms, advertising managers manage the creative procedures with internal graphic artist, writers, and maybe media section. Advertising managers today need to be usually familiar with the advertising importance of the web world; many firms through any kind of sales function today get an internet site. Cross promotions through broadcast or print advertising along with the web aren’t unusual.


The majority of advertising managers need to get a bachelors degree in advertising or else journalism. Some advertising managers through a graphics background and experience get into an advertising manager’s role however, some background in market research is essential.

Current Employment

As per the U.S. Department of Labor there were approximately 48,181 advertising and promotions managers working in the year of 2008, the previous year for which they are offering statistics.

Job Outlook

These positions are likely to rise around as quickly as the in general rate of expected growth for all job groups approximately 10% over the years from 2006-2016. These figures don’t’ take into account the latest economic recession, which began in 2008.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% 19.24 $39,146
  • Median Salary $38.54 $79,455
  • Highest 25% $56.13 $114,547