Business Accountant

Career Overview

Many of the small businesses firms outsource their accounting material such as book keeping to individuals having accounting background or to their own businesses or else to public accountants. Public accountants can handle tax preparation, payroll functions, and managing the basic ledger for small or medium sized businesses on a consultant or else on contract basis. A few small business accountants operate as financial advisors to their customers as well. Gradually more, public accountants are performing small businesses by working out from the home.

Business accountants working for bigger firms are also known as corporate accountants, managerial accountants or private accountants. They examine the financial statistics for their employers and organize reports for higher management. Business accountants at this level supervise cash flow, asset management, capital expenditures, and budget development.


Mainly all the small-business accountants hold as a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting or any such related field as economics. However, business accountants at the corporate level could hold a master’s degree in accounting or an MBA by importance in accounting. For business accountants at both the public as well as private level, qualifications as a CPA could add to the resume.


Approximately 20% of all accountants assist accounting firms, which offers services to people and to small as well as medium-sized businesses. Moreover, ten percent of them are self-employed. The remaining balance is employee work through the government or with businesses with large enough to have an accounting division.

Job Outlook

The job future for business accountants is strong and would be amplified rather with the increased directive and reporting necessities, which are going to be a side effects of the economic recession. The accounting profession was predictable at an 18% development rate by 2006 – 2016 as per the Department of Labor, well above the average development rate likely for all professions.


  • Lowest 10% $37,436
  • Median Salary $60,476
  • Highest 10% $103,579