Chief Information Officer

Career Overview

Chief information officers won’t be called as representatives, they are in charge for the largely all-technical direction of their business. The information they manage is the database, which is at the core of the company and the information, which passes in excess of the company’s intranet and Wide Area Net (WAN). For the reason that CRM software has turn to be an important tool in sales as well as customer service, the chief information officer is as well is a part of the business strategy group.

Computer systems changing are always continues, in size, either in functionality or in software bases. It is the CIO’s job to notice that the following changes don’t disturb day-to-day business. Moreover, those employees should be correctly trained in every new features introduced which appears on the company’s network.


A Chief Information Officer should be aware of the technology of information networks systematically. Normally, a master’s degree in information systems, computer science or network management is compulsory; an MBA through a technology importance could even be better.


Chief Information Officers are essential part in corporate machines of any size. Definitely, there are approximately tens of thousands of CIO’s all over the country’s businesses as well as institutions, though some may be having other titles.

Job Outlook

This profession places a technology-oriented person in the executive group, and the impact has been extensive. Lots of CIO’s do not get the admiration which their business oriented colleagues get. However, the position is going to continued to be a compulsory for all business, which does not desire to outsource their IT management. The main aspect for development in this position is the degree to which the job is set aside in-house.


  • Lowest 10% $134,465
  • Median Salary $211,795
  • Highest 10% $304,545