Contracts Administrator

Career Overview

Contract administrators draft or supervise the training of contracts through vendors or else clients. In case the contract is approaching to the door, a contract administrator would examine it and either counter through an alter agreement or go with the negotiating over the contract on the table. The entire agreement is been examined by the management and then signed. Contract administrators work closely by operations workers and then determined what would be the exact wants with regard to projected contracts.

Contract administrators also need to oversight for carrying out contracted agreements, and need to remain attentive through observing the delivery of goods or services while negotiating. A contract administrator can be concerned in construction projects, equipment acquisition, as well as likely labor agreements.


Contract administrator jobs got a series of educational outlook, depending on the size of the business. For a government post, a bachelor degree in business management is generally required. Many individuals in procurement background can be employed as contract administrators through just an associate’s degree. In bigger companies that negotiate complex agreements, a contracts administrator would require a graduate’s degree in business administration or an associated field.

Current Employment

As per the Department of Labor, there were roughly 250,587 “administrative service managers” of all kinds working in the year of 2006. Contract administrators can be called as a small subgroup of this job classification.

Job Outlook

The job openings for contract administrators are likely to raise at about the same average rate for all job categories over the next some years. As per the Department of Labor makes note, though, the businesses are ongoing to streamline in an attempt to make the most of competence; outsourcing is one case of enduring staff reduction. Another may be cutbacks on middle management, which is where contract administration professionals fall.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $55,257
  • Median Salary $70,156
  • Highest 10% $86,515