E-Commerce Manager

Career Overview

E-commerce marketing managers usually are serving companies to move into a new marketplace, so that the job needs serving to describe internet goal for the business. An e-commerce marketing manager should choose how to target the business marketplace segment, how to present the products online, and what software should be used to endorse and sell online.

Today part of the procedure is increasing an online marketing plan in conjunction through the management workers for the usual outlets. E-commerce marketing managers are usually either opening new openings online or redesigning one, which isn’t working, with it should.

This requires conveying tasks to the internet technical employees or agency and putting them on a time limit. Interacting through the reputable sales force on pricing arrangement and potential conflict problems is an essential part of the job, as e-commerce is a new and fast changing profession.


This post needs an educational background in marketing along with little technical ability through the internet and allied software and applications. A few e-commerce managers come to the profession through computer science degrees along with some business and marketing graduates who are familiar by internet knowledge and software applications. In many cases, employers go for a bachelor’s degree with little latitude decided for experience; many managers prefer a master’s degree.

Current Employment

One of the best estimates on present employment for e-commerce sales employees is an uncertain portion of the 320,158 sales managers working in the United States

Job Outlook

The job of e-commerce manager would be growing much sooner compared to 12% development rate likely for sales managers in general. As internet, commerce matures, and broadband offers new promotion and product production opportunities, able e-commerce employees would be in great demand.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $72,598
  • Median Salary $105,176
  • Highest 10% $129,573