Employment and Placement Specialist

Career Overview

Employment and placement managers oversee the hiring as well as manage the exit of employees. In organizations of every size, they oversee a staff of recruiting professionals, placement authorities along with interviewers. An employment and placement manager informs to the director of human resources, and his in charge for budding quality employees and make sure that employees are placed in positions where they would work efficiently.


The employment and placement procedure involves socialization skills. Experts in this field need to have a bit impulsive for an eventually for employee’s strengths as well as weaknesses. They have to be aligning employees through positions where they fit, both as a person and as part of a group. Degrees in industrial relations, psychology, and the social sciences could be applied in some industries, production process and knowledge of the technology could be essential.


There were approximately 198,521 employment and placement expertise employing for the U.S. in 2008. They are scattered all through businesses as well as industries, and around ninety percent of them were working with the private sector. A few work for field placement firms who employ on agreements for employers.

Job Outlook

Positions in this field are likely to grow up faster compared to the average pace of overall job development, as per the Department of Labor. As the jobs, which are settled in this country, develop more complex, it becomes even more of a challenge to go with potential employees through job rules. More employers would turn to be expertise placement firms, where job expansion will be extensive.


  • Lowest 10% $29,465
  • Median Salary $46,474
  • Highest 10% $85,760