Facilities Manager

Career Overview

Facility managers have oversight task for in charge to maintain employees, and for the equipment, structures, grounds, and supplies, which are parts of the facility too. A facilities manager must have good communication skills, as there is constant discussion between the manager and custodial staff, maintenance staff and repair contractors.

Additional responsibilities can be included by the design for renovations, planning, lease management, and better place for work. Security standard are also the facility manager’s duty, and those could differ greatly if the facilities are utilized for public at large from time to time. This generally means working as linking among local law enforcement as well as production companies or else advertisers renting services.


Facility managers getting into the trade today normally got as a minimum an undergraduate degree in construction business, management, or facility management. However, there are many of the facilities managers operational today came up with the ranks, generally first showing off his management skills with the oversight of a crew or an important project.

Current Employment

The U.S. Department of Labor estimated facilities managers to number about 81,157 in 2008.

Job Outlook

The job openings for facilities managers would be growing at concerning the similar rate as the overall average job progress for all job types, approximately ten percent over the year the 2006 – 2016. However, facilities management is one of the business functions, which has been more outsource to local service companies. There will be employment openings for such companies, which take over facilities management on an agreement basis.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $54,661
  • Median Salary $77,571
  • Highest 10% $101,258