Marketing Manager

Career Overview

Insurance sales managers deal with more than one type of insurances such as a typical product selection, which includes health insurance, long-term care insurance, life insurance, property, and casualty insurance. Insurance sales managers who are too much focused on liability and worker’s compensation insurance as well as businesses sell disability.

A rising number of insurance sales manager are increasing their product lines to include comprehensive financial planning services for their clients. These services can include investment services, retirement planning, and estate planning. Moreover, providing insurance services, these agents have turn up be qualified to sell annuities, mutual funds, plus securities, especially to their senior clients.


Insurance companies generally rather hire agents through a bachelor’s degree, if possible in business, economics, or a linked field. College courses in insurance could assist you in potential agent be aware of the economic realities which cause the reason and the value of the following insurance policy. Each and every insurance sales personnel should get a certified through the state in which they work.

Current Employment

There were approximately 437,517 insurance agents in the year of 2006, per the Department of Labor. Nearly half of these sales agents were employing for insurance agencies as well as brokerages. Around one quarter work openly for an insurance corporation.

Job Outlook

Jobs for insurance sales agents are likely to increase at same rate to the in general development rate for all job groups around ten percent. The rise in internet sales has altered the environment of the business to some extent; but the much more difficult policies like life, long-term care along with property need to be ensuring the continuing the power of insurance agencies.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $13.55 $26,157
  • Median Range $22.12 $45,173
  • Highest 10% $55.19 $55,325