Media Buyer

Career Overview

Media buyers deal with advertising groups or for firms, which do more of advertising along with handling in-house job. They buy advertising space in print opening which including direct mail newspapers and magazines, pay for advertising time on radio as well as television, and ever more handle advertisement strategy for internet advertising alternatives.

Media buyers are experts who are familiar through the expenses and demographic reach of media in the markets their employer or clients to sell. They collect information concerning different types of audiences, which can be reaching by the various media and the estimated size of those viewers. Negotiating the conditions of a buy is the media buyer’s job; at times, those buyers are contracts covering an extensive time and including negotiated discounts.


A few media buyers perform their way into the employment from an entry-level position at an advertisement agency as an account agent. The majority of develop and experience basic on the job, though most of individuals who work with the advertising agencies or departments need to get a bachelor’s degree in advertising, business or a moderate arts program.

Current Employment

Media buying is a job position in the advertising along with public relations industry that was working 459,164 people in the year of 2008, as per the U.S. Department of Labor.

Job Outlook

The job viewpoint is excellent for media buyers, mainly those who expand a considerate of internet advertising and track the growth of that market.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $41,146
  • Median Salary $57,134
  • Highest 10% $76,245