Operations Research Analyst

Career Overview

Operations research is the discipline of utilizing superior analytical methods to formulate business conclusions and hit upon the best solution to a trouble. The procedure is one of applying detailed logistics models to the essential functions of business: product as well as raw materials flow use of personnel, along with using of current facilities. Operations research analysts look at multipart business units along with helping to pinpoint parts for development.

As information is collected, it’s put together into a mathematical model utilizing one of a number of computation courses. The outcome of the data can be used with any number of variables, accordingly testing multiple potential solutions or enhancement to the circumstances. The operations research analyst deals through senior management together in gathering data as well as in working with the potential solutions.


Operations research analysts normally hold a master’s degree. It can be in operations research however, it can be just as likely be in math, computer science, in management science or general engineering – that is one more term for operations research.


There were around 57,890 operations research analysts engaged in the U.S. in 2008. Lot of them employ for a branch of the government for financial as well as telecommunications companies, for computer systems design firms, or for analytical service firms. Lots of the government workers job for the Department of Defense.

Job Outlook

The development of jobs in this profession is likely to be around the same as the predictable average expansion of jobs in general. However, as U.S. companies more and more search themselves through international components, the matter of efficiency is going to increase the importance.


  • 10th Percentile $41,200
  • Median Salary $69,345
  • 90th Percentile $119,330