Public Relations Specialist

Career Overview

Public relations managers are oversee of advertising programs for big business; the same post in management can be known as a public affairs manager. At times, these managers carry out these promotion programs to a targeted media place. Other times, they perform publicity programs intended to get free of cost coverage from the common media openings. Public relations managers could be concentrate in fields where open information or else education are essential, for instance disaster management or public wellbeing.

Public relations officers are frequently appointed for the reason of their “Rolodex;” which is their individual connections through members of the significant media. Good PR personnel go with all communications medium on hand to convince a message or carry a public information campaign. Often their skills are described upon to respond to downbeat publicity.


The majority of public relations managers get in this field through a bachelor’s degree in communications or else journalism. Many of qualified journalists would cross over to the “agency side” and deal in a promotional role after years as a reporter.

Current Employment

As per the U.S. Department of Labor, it estimates that there were approximately 51,738 public relations managers in the year 2008. In few business organizations, though, there can be a press relations manager or else interactions director dealing with public relations chores.

Job Outlook

It’s likely that the public relations profession would be rising with the rate of 12% over the year of 2006 – 2016. It is also likely, though, that the keen rate of media inspection formed by the legitimatization of internet reports and information resources can drive raised requirements for individuals through the skills to deal with new media.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $22.35 $45,084
  • Median Salary $41.34 $87,205
  • Highest 10% $59.91 $122,840