Sales Manager

Career Overview

Sales managers are frequently the occupants for the hot seat in a business background. It’s the sales manager’s work to meet sales outlook make into a yearly budget – to offer the revenue which management is likely depending on all the aspects, which went into the yearly budget research. Sales managers contribute in ad promotion development, and then put their sales workforce into action to capitalize on the advertisement introduction.

Sales managers generally supervise a team of sales representatives, and works with those workers to help make sales closing smoother. A sales manager can negotiate a particular product run in order to get in a new client. A sales manager continuously calculates regional market performances, sales statistics, pricing questions, new product performance, and performance of the field representatives.


Mainly all sales managers are endorsed as of sales representative or a regional management post supported on performance along with creativity. The majority of sales managers got a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or an associated field. Ongoing education could be essential in this field regularly in the type of seminars place on by sales advisors or industry relations.

Current Employment

As per the Department of Labor, estimates there were approximately 319,024 sales managers in the year 2008. Normally in small businesses, the sales, marketing as well as advertising organization post are united, particularly if an outside advertisement agency is carrying out the production of supplies.

Job Outlook

The development for this job organization is likely to be at rate of 12% over the year of 2006 – 2016. Individuals with skills with internet sales and promotion can make in increase in sales positions for the new and rapidly growing online market.

Salary Range

  • Lowest 10% $22.58 $46,173
  • Median Salary $45.81 $95,472
  • Highest 10% $66.13 $139,873