Careers In Criminal Justice

If you’re interested in criminal justice, however you’re not certain what your job preferences would be for finding the right online degree program. You are only rx cialis low price going to be limited by your own desire and persistence. Here are some of the career opportunities available to you in the criminal justice field.

Probation Officer

You might know that some individuals who are convicted for a crime are laid under probation rather sending them to jail. The responsibility of a probation officer i.e. community supervision officer is to supervise those individuals who are under probation and make sure they stay out of trouble. Probation officers need to spend a lot of time in court, investigating an offender’s background and creating sentencing recommendations. As an officer, you need to work with either adult or young criminals.

Police Officer

If you wish to become a police officer, your duties would be depending on whether you’re a city or state police officer. A state police officer arrests offenders and has a tour of duty on highways to enforce motor vehicle laws and rules on the state level. At the sight of a traffic accident, a state police officer would be required to direct traffic, offer first aid to the victims, and need to take note of any accident reports.

City police officers deal with some of the similar issues, however on the city level. Moreover, they need to investigate domestic or noise disturbances, speeding tickets; parking issues and take action for robbery calls.

Federal Government Jobs

There are dozens of various jobs through the federal government which can make good use of your criminal justice degree. You can get a chance to work with FBI to investigate planned crime, or through the CIA to go undercover in order to exploit international criminals if you desire to!

You could even go and work with the DEA for enforcing laws against drug smuggling if that’s your bag.

Border Patrol

If the thought of being stuck in an office all day is making you feel claustrophobic, you should consider working through the Border Patrol. You can get the opportunity to work outside and it allows you to enjoy nature each day! With a border patrol degree or homeland security degree, you get an education for protecting the US borders!

Customers and Border Protection (CBP)

The US Customs and Border Protection branch of the Federal government appoints citizens who are keen to apprehending, detecting, and preventing people trying to illegally enter the United States. Getting an appropriate criminal justice degree would get you to the top of the piles of candidates that are looking to become Border Patrol Agents.

There are a lot of different possibilities out there. The best thing that you can do is request some free information from an interesting looking school and see what they all have to offer you.

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