Costly Campus Living: The Six Most Expensive Dorms In The U.S.

Most people underestimate the costs associated with living on campus. The reality is that on top of the costs for the education itself, many people have to spend additional money on living expenses. It’s one of the many hidden costs associated with getting an education. This is yet another reason why an online education is a practical thing. Here’s a list costs to illustrate this point.

1. Eugene Lang College (New York, NY)

Room and Board: $15,460

It was the same case with Cooper Union (New order cialis without prescription York, NY), and here it’s a small New York privately financed school, which gets top honors of the most expensive dorm in the United States. Situated in Greenwich Village, Eugene Lang College is The Liberal Arts College of the world famous New School.

2. Cooper Union (New York, NY)

Room and Board: $14,000
It’s a privately financed college, which is located in downtown Manhattan, Cooper Union it has approximately 1,000 students and boasts one of the choosiest undergraduate college having art programs across the country. The school can lodge 182 students in their on-campus housing, which is included almost exclusive of two bedroom apartment units intended to fit four students.

3. Suffolk University (Boston, MA)

Room and Board: $13,970
Formerly established as a law school, Suffolk is situated right in the heart of downtown Boston that is very next to the Massachusetts State House and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. With such a prime site, it’s not shocking that this school commands one of the maximum costs in the country as it comes to room and board.

4. Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY)

Room and Board: $13,716
A private institution, which was formerly, established as a women’s college, Sarah Lawrence houses many of the students in Tudor homes, which were formerly private residences. Other students are shifted to a bit more modern town house style dorms.

5. University of California – Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

Room and Board: $13,170
The classiest of the California offerings, CA Berkeley registers approximately 25,000 undergrads and offers invites fresher’s two years of guaranteed housing. Even though many students choose to live within the Greek system, it should be noted that Bowles Hall was once stated as one of Playboy magazine’s top-10 college parties for Halloween.

6. Manhattanville College (Purchase, NY)

Room and Board: $13,040
The college supports with just 1,700 undergraduate students and a reported output of over 30,000 hours of community service yearly, Manhattanville should be populated with few serious do-gooders. Still, the price tag of just over $13,000 a year on room and board alone makes you wonder if students might also want to find a few activities in which they’ll actually be compensated for their time.

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