Get a Bachelors Degree Online

A bachelor degree, whether it is a BS or a BA degree, ranks second in the hierarchy of degrees offered by post-secondary academic institutions. Most working professionals in the United States opt for this degree. Getting an online bachelor degree usually takes up to four years full time study, but this depends on other factors too. Students opting for accelerated degrees can finish in three years, while a more complicated degree may take up to five years to complete.

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Online Bachelor Degrees

Bachelors’ degrees from an online university usually take up to four years to finish. These degrees are often referred to as B.A. (Bachelor of Arts degree) or B.S. (bachelors of Science degree). If you intend to go for a graduate degree or a PhD later, getting a good accredited online bachelor degree can be useful. In addition, people who have a bachelors’ degree earn nearly $26,000 more than people who have done just high school. We offer online bachelor degrees in various subjects like marine biology, computer science, languages, film studies and many more.