Doctoral Degree

Doctoral degrees are the most prestigious degrees that can be given by any institution of higher learning and today most doctoral degree programs are offered online. Many of the best schools in the country have online doctoral degrees covering every major career.  Doctoral degrees open the door to advancement in virtually every career category. A recent study showed those holding doctorate degrees earned almost $72000 more per year than those with only undergraduate degrees. To qualify for admission to doctoral degree programs one needs an undergraduate degree as well as a master’s degree or its equivalent. Since doctoral degrees are generally pursued after a person has started working, online doctoral degrees really fits the need for flexibility and being able to stay on a career path while earning the doctorate online.

The centerpiece of doctoral degree programs is a thesis which is major, unique research document on a subject mutually agreed to by the candidate and the school. It is largely an independent study with guidance and review by a faculty member. Online doctoral degrees fit this need very well with the internet serving as an excellent bridge between the candidate and the school. Most theses needed for a doctoral degree take several years to complete with three to five years not being unusual. Online doctoral programs are well suited for a candidate to continue working in their field while pursuing their doctoral degree.