Made in the USA – Jobs That Will Never Be Outsourced

From Unites States perspective, when businesses desire to cut operational costs and go for outsourcing, which basically means shifting local jobs to territories outside the United States, to get lower-wage benefits, it spells disaster – from the economy point of view.

The problem is in the recent times, it is fast becoming a popular practice. Business like to increase upon the profit margins. And one of the best ways to do it is to decrease upon the overheads. To decrease upon the operational cost or the manufacturing cost. Initially the jobs sent offshore were related to textiles and manufacturing activities, in addition to services like telemarketing and data entry related work.

Whether one believes it or not, as on today, more jobs designated as “white-collar” jobs are also threatened with outsourcing. Developments and innovations taking place in various kinds of technologies have revolutionized the working environment, thus creating a large number of jobs requiring computer skills, and other specializations.

So it’s possible now for people in developing countries such as India and China to carry out or perform these technical jobs. This turns out to be beneficial for the businesses since the per capita income is much less, and so people are ready to work for less pay or money. As on today most of the jobs can be outsourced—so the question arises as to which jobs are not vulnerable to outsourcing, and likely to remain within the United States?

Actually, one needs to know about what kinds of skill sets are required for outsourcing Jobs. The advantage being it becomes easier to determine what jobs are likely to remain, since such kinds of jobs are fewer. All jobs prone to outsourcing share the following characteristics:

  1. Technical kinds of jobs, with objective standards that can be easily assessed.
  2. Jobs which require little or less effort in sharing, and which are easy to learn.
  3. Which do not require direct or physical contact with the clients or customers.

Before sending your résumé, check out the following job profiles, which are ideal for outsourcing:

  1. Analysis and/or diagnostic
  2. Bill processing and analysis
  3. Bookkeeping and accounting related.
  4. Call center and/or technical support facilities.
  5. Computer operating and development of software.
  6. Data cialis 10mg price entry and/or data acquisition.
  7. Paralegal.
  8. Payroll oriented and tax preparation.

Once the individual knows what kinds of jobs are generally targeted, it becomes comparatively easy to find out what jobs are likely to remain.

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