Online Vs Traditional Educational Programs

Although hide-bound traditionalists still refuse to acknowledge the fact, most scientific studies have proved that online educational programs offer the same degree of quality as campus-based ones do. Thomas L. Russell, a well-known researcher, has authored a path-breaking book ‘The No-Significant Difference Phenomenon’ based on a number of scientific studies which prove that there is no significant difference between cialis reviews learning which takes place in an actual classroom and that which is offered in online educational programs.

Rather, the learning experience is enhanced due to the impressive levels of flexibility and convenience they offer. With the advent of Internet 2.0, the question whether traditional learning methods have, an edge over online programs has become outdated. What we need to ask is how the online learning process can be made smoother and more user-friendly. So, what sets apart online education from other regular modes of learning? The inclusiveness of online learning is one of its biggest strengths. Beneficiaries of online education include single parents, those working fulltime, or those who do not have easy access to traditional educational campuses. As an online student, you will be able to have instant access to information like exam schedules, assignments, test scores, homework, etc. All you need to have a personal computer with reliable internet connectivity.

Online programs offer far greater levels of flexibility in terms of time than traditional universities. For instance, a Bachelors degree normally requires more than four years of studying, but you can earn it in a matter of months if you opt for an online program, which offers an accelerated format. If you work fulltime or need to take care of the kids, you can complete the program at your own pace. Online classrooms probably offer a more vibrant and focused learning environment than a regular one. Student chat rooms and discussion forums greatly facilitate exchange of information intellectual debate because of their non-threatening and inclusive nature. These are platforms for effective dialogue on a variety of issues.

The cost-effective nature if online education makes it a popular and viable choice for an increasing number of students. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars when you can acquire an online degree at a fraction of the cost? Moreover, many online universities offer financial assistance in the form of stipends, scholarships, fee waivers, etc to students. These financial benefits are usually at par with those offered by conventional universities.

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