Art & Design

For a career in Art and Design, creativity is paramount. It is a platform which lets you show your creativity practically. This field has grown to be highly competitive and only the dedicated ones are able to weave their success stories. It is only originality that survives in this field.

In the field of design it’s all about getting inspired and creating original and practical things. Painting, architecture, interior décor, fashion, cuisine, and also graphic art are all various kinds of designs.

Education and getting yourself ready for it.

One cannot say education is a must but it definitely improves on your designing techniques in order to be able to succeed. Talent is the best source that you have in this field. Some professionals have very little formal knowledge while there are others who have earned bachelors and master’s degrees in order to get into the field. Though having some level of formal training will prove to be beneficial so that you know what the people in this field are doing.

For fields like architecture or graphic designing, formal training seems inevitable due to the programs that are used by them. So it isn’t mandatory, but formal training can only help you to market yourself better.

Career Opportunities

There is a wide scope of opportunities in this area. This is a highly competitive market so only people with talent and perseverance are expected to survive. Marketing your talent is highly essential. Designing fields include computer aided design, video game design, web design, graphic design film and television, advertising, fashion and merchandising, 3D animation and multimedia and interior design.

Again there are sub categories within them. The path to success is clear if you create something that does not exist already, then you are sure to find worthy opportunities in this field. Originality is the secret and it depends on you to find your own niche in this field.