Fashion Design

Professionals in the field of fashion work towards creating new styles in clothing and accessories while professionals in the field of merchandising work in creating an image that will become popular and can hence sell. Professionals in both these areas work in a very creative and a competitive market.

In the field of fashion and merchandising…

Fashion and merchandising gel well together. They both profit each other. Fashion designers create designs for clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories every year. They study the fashion trends, the color forecast and then makes designs by selecting fabrics and colors and materials to finally produce their final product which in turn billions of customers buy every year.

In merchandising on the other hand, all these clothes and accessory’s brands are marketed. Next time you buy something try to notice the reason behind that purchase is it due to the advertising or its packaging? These are merchandising strategies. Most times merchandising is handled so well that consumer’s do not even make out that they have spent money due to a strategy.

Preparing yourself for Fashion Degree programs.

Designers are expected to have a good knowledge of color and eye for detailing, appreciation for beauty, and sense of balance and proportion. As for the merchandisers they need to be excellent and well versed with their marketing skills. There are many degrees for fashion designing and merchandizing available with the fine arts schools and associate degree programs.

Most employers look for students who have done two or four years degree programs and have knowledge on ornamentation, fabrics, textiles and fashion trends. Some individuals also decide to take up a business or marketing degree in order to start off with a business of their own. Another thing that helps designers and merchandisers is internships or on job trainings through which they can learn the techniques that are used at the ground level.

Career Opportunities

There are two types of professionals in this field, one who are well versed with the business and the other one who stand at the entry level. Individuals start off as pattern makers or sketch assistants, for the designers who run their own business. With experience one moves top in the level and can become a chief designer or a department head or a fashion coordinator or a manger.

Few designers also start up their own company and sell their won products. Another path that is conquered is to design clothes for wholesalers or manufacturing companies. Individuals also have the option to design for movies, theatre or television productions.

Most professionals of this field work in New York or California spend some years there to work with some of the best names in fashion. This is a field that lets you be creative and reward you at the same time but at the same time it is very competitive. More number of people are trying to get into this business, than the openings exists.

Making money in fashion industry.

The rewards in the field depend on the workplace and the number years you have as experience. Many entry level designers get paid low salary. The average salary for a designer is around $56,000 a year which can be between $27,500 and $114,500. Self employed people’s salaries vary unlike the one who have salaried jobs who end up living more stable lives. Starting salaries tend to be less, until a designer is well well-known in the business