Graphic Design

Graphic designing is all about presenting an aesthetic picture to the viewer. It’s all about the selections, as well as the arranging and creating of colors, shapes words and images. In this area most individuals freelance, are self employed, or have a job at a design firm.

For entry level positions a bachelor’s degree will typically do the trick for getting your foot in the door of a company, but there is something to be said for building a complete portfoil.

In graphic design…

Graphic designing comprises of work in digital and print media. This profession is about delivering the message in the best possible and effective way across the target group with the help of visual mediums. Professional use photography, illustration, font, color and layouts to create a on target and aesthetically pleasing representation for client companies.

This type of work goes from making an array of fonts to creating logos for the companies to manipulating photographs. Graphic designers use the most brilliant of technologies and create a new representation or a concept.

Preparing for a Graphic Design degree program.

In order to start at the entry level you at least need to possess a bachelor’s degree with you. With an associate’s degree you can get into a technical position which does not require you to be very creative. Along with you studies an on job training can do wonders for a job in this field. An internship will let you work for your professional portfolio.

There is nothing more reassuring than a well worked upon portfolio. Normal bachelor degree program duration is of four years. An Associate’s degree would take 2 to 3 years to complete with the technical aspects. It will be low on the liberal arts courses. If you are a graduate with two year degree course then you can get a job as a assistant graphic designer or any position for technical skills.

Career Opportunities

With the growing use of internet and new technologies developing each day, the jobs in this field are going to be many but high competition is expected too. So bagging a job won’t be that easy of a task. Individuals who have gained experience working on the website designs can hope to get better opportunities at jobs.

Graphic designers are employed by design firms, smaller design consulting firms, publishing or large advertising. They are also seen working in printing companies, architectural firms, and print media companies.

Money making in the graphic design industry.

At entry level a graphic designer would be entitled to $24,000 and as they go on high end they can start to make over $90,000. On an average they make an approximate $38,000 a year and it can grow with your experience. Individuals who partially or fully own graphic designing firms usually have higher salaries.