Interior Design

An interior designer’s work is to increase the aesthetic appeal of the room. It has everything to deal with the colors and the space and the functionality of the spaces for houses and businesses. To get started at the entry level position you will need a bachelor’s degree and some internship experience. A degree in interior designing also allows you set up your own business.

In interior design…

Basically interior designers are into enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of the room. They work with the space, color, furniture, upholstery, lighting in order to create an ambiance that is required in a home or an office.

Preparing yourself for Interior Design programs.

Most interior designing courses and training programs take anything from two to four years to finish. Most students prefer to have done a bachelor’s degree and side by side some internship or training period in the field to get accustomed to the field. These days with the advent of the computer software students also train in computer aided designs.

The more experience you have the more you will advance in this field. Some states need you to have license for their services. Most of the students take up projects once they are out of college instead of starting their own business. One can only go further on the basis of the experience. If you degree does not include an apprenticeship then even after the graduation you can do an internship to gain the experience before applying for the license.

Career Opportunities

This is a very competitive field as of now, and the job prospects in this field are bound to grow with the increasing wealth with the people. One can either join a firm or can start up their own company to build on their chain of customers. This field has got a boast due to the designs shows like Extreme makeover: Home Edition etc. Choosing to work alone will need too much of perseverance, staying up to date and creativity, only experience can make you successful as an independent interior designer.

Money in interior designing.

The annual salary at entry level starts with $23,400 a year and for successful designers it can go up to $70,000 a year. The average salary is around $40,000 per year but this can just be a start. The salary ranges widely amongst individuals.