Ebusiness & Ecommerce

How do you define an E-Business?

An electronic Business (E-Business) company is one that runs its business through the Internet. It makes no difference whether the company actually sells its products over the internet or, more often, advertises them; they can all be labeled as E-Business. However, nowadays most traditional companies conduct their operations online, thus increasing the growth potential of this field. In fact, the career avenues in this field are virtually unlimited because most individuals and companies that started off in a traditional manner are now looking to expand their businesses in the virtual world.

Career Opportunities in E-Business

E-business offers almost endless career opportunities, since you can sell anything under the sun, from baked goods to earth-moving machinery to collectible toys; the possibilities are overwhelming. There is a huge market out there, waiting to be conquered by your E-Business. Although setting up your own E-Business is certainly not a piece of cake, it does offer a number of benefits. The first and foremost of these is that you can work at any time you choose, yet your product will still be marketed or sold online. If becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can work for an E-business in a variety of supporting positions.

Education and Experience Required for a Career in E-Business

There is no particular degree program that can help you have a successful career in E-Business. You need to decide what kind of education will be most useful for running the E-Business you want to, but a background in business studies will certainly be useful.

A person with just a high school education can definitely run an E-Business successfully but a person with a business degree under his/her belt would be able to run it better. Moreover, a management background is an added asset, since you may need to manage a few support employees if your E-Business really takes off.

The Pros and Cons of Managing an E-Business

The worst thing about running an E-Business is that when you are the boss, you are in charge all the time and have no one to fall back on when things go wrong. If your website crashes, your company loses money every second it’s down.

If you do not have a back-up plan, it could end up burning a deep hole in your pocket. Another downside to having an E-Business is the long hours you may be required to put in, particularly when it is just starting off. After all, it’s your web business, and you need to make sure its running properly, making profits, and satisfying customers.

Now it’s time to look at some of the advantages of managing an E-Business. The first thing is that you are your own master and are answerable to no one but yourself. When you work for someone else, you are only helping him/her to make money. As an online entrepreneur, your work is reflected in your bank account and not in somebody else’s. Moreover, an E-Business allows you to operate from the comfort and privacy of your home, which means no commuting hassles or transportation costs to factor in.

This, in fact, is a major reason why many people choose to turn online entrepreneurs. Another factor that tempts many people into this field is the flexibility and convenience of working at your own hours. This is a big advantage if you are not a regular nine-to-five kind of person. Maybe you like to work at odd hours. If so, running an E-Business is just what the doctor ordered.

Online degree programs for managing an E-business

There are a number of online educational programs that provide coaching as well as education related to running a successful E-Business. There are plenty of online colleges and universities that are recognized by a number of accredited bodies and legitimized and accepted by reputable employers too. However, you need to shop around for a program that offers flexible timings, convenient schedules, and reasonable fees as well. It would be best to check out individual schools for specific degree programs.