Human Resources

What you need to know before enrolling in a Human Resources degree program:

If you are a well-organized individual with excellent people skills, the human resources sector offers great career opportunities tailor made for you. Entry into this field is easy, sometimes requiring as little as a certificate in the appropriate subject. It also offers plenty of scope for furthering your career.

What does a job in Human Resources involve?

The hub of any workplace is its human resources department. Those personnel who work in human resources manage issues related to employees like pay schedules, training, staffing and office safety. The duty of all human resource personnel is to create an organized, healthy, and safe workplace for all the employees.

What kind of educational degree can land you a human resource job?

There are various kinds of degrees that enable you to get a job as human resources personnel. Certificate courses or associate degrees can help you secure an entry-level job in this field. These courses provide you with the knowledge base necessary to handle all the employee-related issues in the workplace. Although there are a few human resources positions that do not have any formal educational requirements, most senior positions do require a bachelors or masters’ degree in human resources.

How do you secure admission into a degree program in human resources?

The criteria for gaining admission to a program in human resources varies according to the program and school. You need only a high school diploma or its equivalent if you are seeking admission to a certificate course, associate program, or a bachelors’ degree. Admission to a masters’ degree program is usually tougher, demanding high grades at the bachelors’ level, while doctorate degree requirements are much more competitive. The best way to research all these requirements is to check with the career counselors of each university before taking the decision to apply to any particular program.

Online degree programs in human resources.

Wannabe human resource professionals can now choose from a variety of online degree programs. The best thing about these online programs is that they are flexible, convenient, and easily accessible if you have a computer and internet connectivity at home. There are a number of basic certifications, bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in human resources that are available in an online format. Make a list of the schools you want to enroll in and check with their career counselors about the specifics and application criteria of each program.

Salary levels of human resource professionals.

As a rookie human resource professional, you are eligible for an entry-level job that will pay an average annual salary of about $42,000. Individuals with more experience can make anything between $46,000 to $60,000. Larger corporations pay around $3,00,000 annually to their human resources managers. Retirement and health benefits vary by the kind of organization you are working in.