International Business

Things you should know before enrolling in a degree program in International Business:

A career in international business usually entails extensive traveling. Therefore, anyone looking to make a successful career in this field needs to be flexible enough to adapt to different kinds of cultures. Fluency in more than one language is almost mandatory.

Career avenues in international business.

International business is a vast field that offers a number of career opportunities for experienced professionals. You can gain a foothold in this sector if you have specialized in advertising and sales, product management, tourism and travel, banking, retail buying, trading, and many other areas. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. The increasingly global nature of business demands the services of savvy and qualified professionals who are willing to travel extensively.

Educational criteria for working in international business.

If you want to work on a professional basis in the field of international business, you need to have at least a bachelors’ degree in finance or business. There are plenty of jobs out there but there is plenty of competition too. Therefore, most people choose to get a masters’ degree in addition to their bachelors’ degree. This can be a degree in international business (MIB) or in business administration (MBA).

The duration of a bachelors’ degree is usually four years, while a masters’ degree lasts for around three years. Some institutions also offer an associate degree in international business, which takes up two years and enables you to get an entry-level position in a company.

Requirements for gaining admission into an international business degree program.

Getting entry into most degree programs in international business is a competitive job because of the high standards set up. However, the basic educational requirement for any of these programs is a high school diploma or any equivalent certification. Moreover, international business involves coming into contact with people from different kinds of backgrounds and cultures, so fluency in any international language would be a plus point.

Most Bachelors and masters’ degree programs have stringent requirements for admission including high GPA levels. The best way to find out the specific admission criteria of the schools you are interested in is to get in touch with their career counselors.

Types of online degree programs for international business.

If you have a leaning towards a career in international business, there is nothing better you can do than enroll in an online degree program in international business. Most of these programs allow you to study in the comfort and privacy of your home. They also offer the benefits of flexibility and easy accessibility, provided you have a computer and internet connectivity.

Salary levels of international business professionals.

The average annual salaries in this field can greatly vary depending on the kind of company you work for, your level of education and years of work experience. However, on the whole, international business offers very lucrative careers. At the top of the ladder come chief international executives who are paid anything between $200,000 and $400,000 on an average annual basis. Directors and representatives make around $50,000 to $130,000 each year. Retirement and health benefits depend on a variety of factors.