Things you should know before pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts:

  • Some of the career paths that can be taken in the field of Culinary Arts are restaurant manager, executive chef, and preparation of food.
  • A culinary arts professional strives for perfectionism in food preparation and its presentation.
  • Specialized training is offered by many universities, schools, and professional organizations. This training varies from beginning to advanced stages and techniques.

What are the Culinary Arts?

The professional field that totally focuses on preparing and cooking food is called culinary arts. The culinary arts include a wide range of culture and tastes. The application of culinary arts is seen from street café to the five star hotels and restaurants.  Most people get attracted and attached to a specific aspect of Culinary Arts.

In due course of time, these professionals become specialists. Some of the examples are cultural cuisine and pastry. If one wants to make a career in Culinary Arts one should know that this profession is people-oriented and needs daily customer interaction. In this profession interaction with people and their interest are of prime importance.

Career Prospects

Some of the career paths in the field of Culinary Arts are restaurant management, executive chef, and preparation of food. Culinary Arts is a growing industry. Qualified culinary professionals are usually employed by restaurants and hotels. In the kitchen one can find a hierarchy of professionals in the Culinary Arts. The executive chef is at the top of this hierarchy. The chefs, sub chefs, cooks and food preparation worker are placed in the lower rugs of the hierarchy.

Culinary professionals have an option to open their own restaurant. They can even be employed by the agencies that offer catering services in schools and tourism companies. There is a demand for food service managers because the service industry is undergoing tremendous growth.

Educational Requirements

In the Culinary Arts field if one wants to get a highly respected and handsome salary, college level education becomes mandatory. On the other hand there are jobs in this field that don’t require high school diploma. Very little education is necessary for jobs in fast food or food preparation. Most of the skills develop on job. A vocational training becomes necessary if you are planning to make a career as a head cook or chef.

Specialized training from basic to advanced techniques in the field of culinary arts is offered by many universities, trade schools and professional organizations. It is after many years of schooling, internships followed by years of experience that executive chefs land up in good jobs at top restaurants.

Earnings Potential

The earnings of cooks, chefs and food preparation workers differ and depend on location as well as experience. The remuneration offered by the four and five star restaurants is the highest. The mean annual salary of the head cooks and chefs varies form $17,950 to $60,050. The earnings of the chefs at elite restaurants are very high.

The annual earning of cafeteria cooks, private house hold cooks and food preparation workers varies from $13,950 to $32,050. In case of fast food cooks the opportunity for earning is a bit less because their annual wages varies from $13,950 to $19,050. If one wants to be on the safer side, get a job that involves one of the many facets in the field of culinary arts.