Things to be taken into consideration when pursuing a degree in the fields of law and paralegal:

  • Candidates in this stream work to maintain the legal system and legalities
  • Completion of a minimum of seven years of education after secondary schooling, and passing a state exam are mandatory for lawyers
  • The lawyers are helped by paralegals for the functioning of the court cases and drawing up of papers.

The Aim of Law and Paralegal Work

With reference to the field of law, the ultimate aim of law enforcement is to supervise and ensure that justice prevails for those who have been victimized, and abused by unjust treatment. There are other reasons too that attract people to work and make a career in this field. One of the strongest attractions of this field is the money earning potential.

What does a lawyer do?

A lawyer is also called an attorney. He or she is authorized by the state in advising the clients in matters pertaining to legalities. In the court of law, the lawyer represents the clients, or occasionally the state. If one wants to work as a lawyer, one should avail the required skill in finding solutions for various legal problems, by applying the legal knowledge and expertise.

Educational Qualification to Become a Lawyer

A Juris doctor degree ( J.D.) is required to be a lawyer. When one completes 3 to 4 years of post-bachelor’s education one gets this graduate level degree. Planning before hand is very much necessary because there’s tough competition to get into the law graduate program. Most of the lawyers have specialization in political science, or history or English as a major subject for their undergraduate study.

On the other hand, the team that is responsible for admitting candidates to law schools prefers students with different background such as science and other academic majors, which are not related directly to law. If a student wants to apply for any law school, he/ she should know that his or her grade point average should be competitive and the LSAT exam score should rank high. After getting admission into a law school, and finishing the juris doctor degree, the last step is to pass the national bar exam. Passing the national bar exam certifies the prospective lawyer to practice law.

The Definition of a Paralegal

A Paralegal is also known as a legal assistant. The lawyer supervises the work of paralegals. Some of the duties of a paralegal are reviewing the legal drafts and documents, drafting of subpoenas and motions, and filing of papers in the court. Diverse work related options are available for paralegals in Canada and the United States of America. The paralegals in these countries can independently work as freelancers in corporations and do private practice. The in-house attorneys do most of the legal work in companies and law firms.

A wide range of duties are performed by paralegals that are associated with medium and small size law firms. These sort of paralegals need to have a general knowledge about how law functions. This may include a research about judicial decisions pertaining to police arrests that have been improper. Most of the paralegals are employed by government agencies, big law firms and corporations, and usually specialize in any one of the legal features.

Educational Requirements To Become a Paralegal

The educational requirements of a paralegal include a certificate or a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, or an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. There are 260 ABA approved paralegal programs, and it’s always recommended to get the degree from these approved programs. When you’re out hunting for a job after graduation, it’s the experience during the internship that plays a vital role in increasing the selection chances. Certified Legal Assistant exam, also known as the CLA exam, is an option open for experienced paralegals. If one wants to become a Registered Paralegals, (RP) has to clear the CLA exam.