Factors to be considered prior to pursuing a degree in Psychology:

  • A psychology professional studies the behavior of human beings and the underlying causes for the actions people take.
  • If a psychologist wants to practice then he or she should have a Ph.D.
  • Some of the specializations in the area of psychology are child psychology, health psychology and counseling psychology.

Field of Psychology

The field of science that essentially studies the behavior of human beings is called psychology. It is the study of the underlying causes for people’s actions. Some of the places that employ psychologists are hospitals, university laboratories, large companies and counseling centers. Psychologists differ according to specializations such as counseling psychologists, clinical psychologists, industrial psychologists and health psychologists. The mission of all the psychologists is to improve the quality of life of the people by behavioral analysis. Psychologists work with people to make changes in behavior that improve their life.

Different Types of Psychology Degrees

There are many different kinds and levels of degrees related to psychology. The degree level depends on the duration that the student wants to devote to their studies. A Bachelor of Science in psychology (B.S.) or a Bachelor of Arts in psychology (B.A.) is the first degree with reference to psychology. The duration of this varies between 4 to 5 years. It is the requirement in the number of science courses that differentiates B.S .from B.A. More science course work is necessary of Bachelor of Science in psychology (B.S.). The master’s degree follows the B.S .or B.A. The duration of the master’s degree is a year or two after the bachelor’s degree. There are two options available to the student. The first option is to pursue a terminal master’s program. A master’s degree is the only thing that is offered in the terminal master’s program.

The second option is the a master’s degree along with a Ph.D. The duration of the second option varies from 4 to 8 years and also depends on the specialization and ability of the student. The Ph.D. Degree or the master’s degree permits the student to specialize in a specific field of psychology such as sports psychology, health psychology or child psychology. Most of the Ph.D. Degree or the master’s degree students do research at the university or practice as counseling psychologists. For those candidates who aspire to be a practicing doctor of psychology there is another psychology degree called Psy. D. A candidate with Psy. D. can start his or her practice or be employed by an institution for mental health. A Psy. D. is not qualified to do the research work.

Career Prospects

There are bright and wide career prospects for career development in psychology especially with reference to universities, hospitals and private practices. Organizational or Industrial psychology and school psychology probably have the best opportunities. One of the fields that is becoming more popular these days is health psychology. Treatment of any disease can be expedited by the “whole person” approach of the psychologist. According to the American Psychological Association psychology is placed third amongst the fastest growing fields with a college degree as a pre-requisite. Nearly all hospitals, universities research facilities, private counseling centers and businesses provide employment to psychologists.


When we talk of average salary the separate specialties within the scope of psychology are not individually or separately taken for consideration. On the contrary the entire field of psychology is taken for consideration without any differentiation. The counselors, college professors, psychologists, business leaders and all other professions related to psychology are included in this.

The earnings of an average counselor vary from $40,950 and $64,050 dollars annually whereas a psychologist earns between $64,650 and $85,150 annually. With a background of psychology there are different career paths that a candidate can follow.

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