Considering a degree in IT and other Technologies:

  • Information technology professionals are experts in information management and communications.
  • Individuals trained in the field of computer science are experts in processing information using computers.
  • Typical salaries in the field range from $40,500 to over $405,000 per annum.

Careers in the Technology field.

The term information technology, generally abbreviated as “IT”, is a vast field dealing primarily with the management and processing of information using various technologies. IT professionals are responsible for storing and protecting information contained within computers and computer network systems. Professionals possessing specialized IT related skills are in great demand, since many day-to-day life activities are controlled by computers, and computer regulated systems.

Businesses as well as companies prefer hiring IT professionals for sustaining existing information, and also for creating new systems. Information technologists work in a range of sectors such as government, business, and service industries. They generally take up positions like web masters, networking administrators, relational database developers, and even interface designers.

Education required to work in the Technology field.

Just like in any other field, as far as the field of computers and information technology is concerned, employers prefer to employ highly skilled and educated employees. In the IT field, several options are available for availing the required education, as well as necessary training. Most of the companies like to hire individuals having a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. However, in certain cases, even applicants having an associate’s degree end up getting the employment.

Even if one has a degree in computer science, many companies still require individuals to have specialized training in several IT related activities. So majority of the professionals choose to earn a certificate in addition to their associate’s, bachelor’s, or a master’s degree. Irrespective of the level and the type of job involved, employers ideally like to see real, and closely related professional experience on the resume.

An internship generally provides a low-pressure access, or way, in gaining this type of experience. Almost all colleges and universities employ career counselors and online programs to advise and help out aspiring technology related professionals in availing internship opportunities.

Degrees that are offered in IT and computer technology.

The fact is degrees in the IT and computer technology field vary a lot. Professionals hold an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even PhD level degrees and certifications. Generally, entry-level jobs demand at least an associate’s degree to qualify. The study programs in this field can last from a number of weeks, up to a number of months. Employers ideally require computer science personnel, to be certified and qualified for a certain computer-programming environment.

Associates degree programs last for about two years on an average, and are also offered through online universities and community colleges. Bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees are specifically offered through typical 4-year colleges and universities study programs. Many of the online universities also offer these types of degrees. Bachelor’s programs are generalized, while associate’s and master’s degree programs include additional vocational training as well as specializations like software engineering, library science, and information systems. Usually PhD graduates head back to school for teaching jobs.

Earning potential in Technology fields.

Different types of career routes offer wide salary ranges. The approximate salaries in case of computer systems analysts can range from $40,050 to $93,450. It’s possible for computer and information scientists to earn anything between $423,000 and $121,700 per year. Computer systems designers usually earn a salary of $78,150 each year. However, these particular categories are the major ones, and don’t include the earnings of other jobs available in this field.