Information Technology

Things to consider when getting a degree in Information Technology:

  • An associate’s degree availed in the field of computer science or information technology can lead to a 4 year graduation program, or it help in getting a job as a computer professional.
  • One needs specialized training, as well as the required experience for getting a good paying job in this particular field.
  • The initial annual salaries in the field of computer science and information technology range from $30,300 to $62,200.

Earning a degree in computer science.

The associate’s degree can be earned after a two-year study program. Typically, a information technology associate’s degree program concentrates on teaching topics such as computer design and structure, computer programming and software development, and creating user interfaces. Most of the information technology associate degree programs need students to have either some high school diploma or GED, in addition to a strong background in math, along with the required writing and essential computer related skills.

The programs are usually offered on-campus, at a DOE recognized community college, exclusively online through accredited institutions, and even through a combination of both the standard and online study formats. After availing an associate’s degree, one can directly join the work force, or proceed further with a bachelor’s degree program.

Information Technology Career Opportunities

Getting a job in any of the information technology related fields depends primarily upon two main factors: what kind of degree does a person actually hold, and what kind of experience and specialized training a person possesses. Generally, when a professional holds a degree along with some closely related experience, one does not find it difficult in finding a job.

From the remuneration point of view, the job positions associated with software development offer highly competitive pay scales. It’s possible to work as a network or data communication analyst with an associate’s degree. Other job positions include sales representatives, business programmers, consultants, systems developers, and program coding clerks.

The advantages and disadvantages of earning a degree in information technology.

Majority of individuals having an associate’s degree are qualified to provide vocational training pertaining to a specific mode of work in the information technology field. The focused training is at times more beneficial to employers, as compared to the training provided by an individual holding a bachelor’s degree. The main disadvantage is having just an associate’s degree does limit the career chances and opportunities, in addition to narrowing down good quality jobs paying good monthly pay. The main advantage of the degree is that it helps in opening the door, and getting an entry point in a career ripe with opportunities.

Pay scales in the Information Technology field.

The entry-level salaries range between $31,000 and $62,000 per annum. The income can vary greatly depending upon the specialization and the experience factor.