Success in Marketing with a Marketing Degree

In the year 2008, the sales of the Ford Mustang outnumbered all the sales of all other cars. Over 44,000 Mustangs were registered with the DMV, nearly 10 thousand more than the runner-up Chrysler Sebring. So what is really the secret behind the success of the Ford Mustang? Just Good product marketing.

The Importance of Product Marketing

Bill Gallagher, Ph.D. compared the Mustang with the Edsel as top examples of good and atrocious marketing tactics, respectively in an article entitled Ford’s Marketing Good. He said that it all boils down to targeting your audience for your product. The Edsel tried to be a car for everybody, and Ford tried to market it to everyone. Consequently, people could not identify with it. It was a blow to the company. T

he overhauled Mustang with its simple design changed everything. This time Ford went after the young target audience (20-30years) and the second family car market (30-50year olds).

The product marketing success was astounding for 2008. Ford has paid a lot of attention to their consumers’ desires and has improved the Mustang line in response. It’s a great lesson for future marketing professionals the world over.

One lowest cost cialis of a number of “Feature Cars” – The 2007 Ford GT “California Special” is geared towards customers who want something more than the Mustang GT, but not essentially all the muscle promised by the new Shelby GT500. While this product marketing move targets a niche within the Mustang market, Ford has also struck a partnership deal with car rental company Hertz. A Mustang GT-H (the “H” standing for Hertz) was made available at airport rental locations for around $100 a day.

One can catch a ride in this model if travelling in the following states:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Massachusetts
  • Hawaii
  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Oregon
  • Washington

A Successful Marketing Career with an Online College Degree

If you are looking for a successful marketing career then an online college can help you get a marketing degree combining your love of certain products with a great career. A marketing degree can teach you how to target an audience, how to speak to people through advertising, and how to measure a campaign’s marketing success.

An online college degree program let’s you learn about the industry while keeping a full-time job. So all you have to do is apply and get your marketing degree at your own pace and convenience.

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