The Importance of a Design Degree Program

Everybody knows how the German design community was embarrassed during The World Cup Soccer Championships in Germany their logo and mascot designs went very wrong. Germany was in a worldwide spotlight while hosting the World Cup Soccer Championships in 2006. According to many top German designers, that spotlight damaged Germany’s reputation for top-notch graphic designing.

Erik Spiekermann, one of Germany’s most celebrated and talented designers candidly criticized the World Cup logo and mascot designing. He said that anyone who had been through the most basic design degree program could see that the logo tried to communicate too many messages at the same time and was too complex to be understood by the common man. It included Germany, the year 2006, FIFA (Federation International Football Association), the color green for the turf, the German national colors, and happy faces. The mascot was a lion, which has no historical significance with regards to Germany.

The Importance of Design Degree Programs

This whole episode of The World Cup logo and mascot embarrassment shows how essential design training is to creating professional logos and mascots designs. Those who want to become graphic designers need to spend some time in design degree programs in order to polish their designing skills. Not all design degree programs require years of schooling. Many students earn associate degrees in design, which usually take two years to complete.

An associate degree combined with some significant design internships can be your road to a good entry-level graphic design position in a reputed designing or advertising firm. You can also start you own design company if you have the low price cialis investment and experience for it. So in order to create logos and mascots that make sense and look like the work of a polished professional, sign up for an associate degree program in design and get on the road to begin a successful designing career.

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