The League of Extraordinary Engineers

Since a very long time engineers have been an essential part of U.S. economic and business development, thanks to their inventions. But engineering is even more omnipresent than that in the work world. Many famous and influential people earned their engineering degrees before going off into various other fields.

Some of the engineering greats have been people who you might already know. So if you know any of the names below, you need not be surprised that they have an engineering degree or background.

• Eli Whitney was the creator of the cotton gin studied mechanical engineer.
• Bill Nye was a popular science TV show host who had a mechanical engineering degree.
• Henry Ford as all of us know was the mastermind of the Model T and an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Co. and was Chief Engineer of the company in 1893.
• Grace Murray Hopper was a computer engineer who developed the first computer compiler and created the COBOL computer program language. Hopper was also one of the first women to become a Rear Admiral in the naval forces.

Here are a few unexpected engineering greats. You’d be surprised to know that some of the name listed below had an engineering degree to their credit.

• Alfred Hitchcock was the psychological thriller director and producer trained as an engineer at Saint Ignatius College.
• Montel Williams was a highly decorated as a naval engineer before he began his talk show TV career.
• Lee Iacocca was the iconic automotive industry man who holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering.
• Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the U.S. got his engineering background in the U.S. Naval Academy and did studies in reactor technology and nuclear physics afterwards.

An Online Engineering College Degree

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