The Plumbing Success Story

Did you know that because of his mechanical ability as a plumber, Alan Edelman survived years of captivity in Siberia? Today, the plumbing supply company he commenced in 1953 after emigrating to cialis professional generic the U.S. is run by his son and grandson, and it has one of the most extraordinary showrooms in the country. An article about a Cleveland family business was recently released by the weekly newspaper Crain’s Cleveland Business.

The article states that the Cleveland family business has been around since 1953–Edelman Plumbing Supply, Inc. Alan Edelman founded the company only six years after immigrating to the U.S. from Poland with his parents. Before moving to America, Edelman’s family was held captive in Siberia by Russian communists because his father was a well-known Polish capitalist. In order to appear useful to his captors, Edelman lied and told them that he was good at fixing machinery. He therefore learned the plumbing trade on the fly, along with how to fix tractors etc.

Edelman began by selling faucets out of his basement, but today, Edelman’s son and grandson sell stylish bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories in two 20,000 square foot showrooms. The trio claim their showrooms are among the most remarkable showrooms in the U.S.A.

The Plumbing Degree Program

Alan’s motivation to learn how to plumb by himself was to survive. Individuals that don’t face such dire conditions generally need some guidance. There are a number of plumbing degree programs offered at technical schools and community colleges around the country. These schools usually offer associate’s degrees in plumbing, along with other trades. Associate’s degrees typically don’t take longer than two years to complete, and once the degree program is finished, graduates can usually step into a job right away. Probably with the right approach and good luck, you can turn a job into a successful and profitable business.

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