The Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs That Are Growing

We all know how paramount education is but along with it, it is also very crucial to know what the best professions are that make the best money. So if you still are a struggling college student or a fresher out looking for a profession to start his college then here is the insight for some of the best paying jobs. Not only do you want to make sure you’re graduating with the right abilities to make yourself viable but also all the highest paid professions.

1. Investment Banker

You should expect to work long hours and work with the most competitive market right from the day one. If you have, the will to succeed cialis for sale online you will bring in more money than you can ever imagine. As of now, it is the consulting and accounting firms that are offering such jobs instead of hedge funds and private equity firms. So what are you waiting for? Get, set, and go!

You can expect: $115,000
From $75,000 (associate) to $120,000 (investment banker)

2. Software Developer

Along with a good pay this profession even has a lot of demand. But since technology continually evolves constant education and efforts have to be put in order to stay updated. Depending on your company, you will be rewarded to have your own flex schedule or telecommute daily. So if you know what you are dealing with then this is for you.

You can expect: $85,000
From $55,000 (internet software engineer) to $100,000 (software engineer/developer)

3. Actuary

To bag this job you need to have a high knowledge base of business, finance, statistics, and economics. This also works as a strong contender for all the students that graduate with this specialization. There are 60% chances you would end up in an insurance company.

You can expect: $80,000
From $70,000 (enrolled actuary) to $100,000 (life actuary)

4. Engineer

This job’s pay can change with the type of expertise that you own in engineering. It pays well for technical knowhow. Since engineers tend to be too geeky, now the employers are valuing the communication skills highly to not make their working environment have any awkwardness.

You can expect: $70,000
From $70,000 (electrical engineer) to $70,000 (engineering geologist) to $125,000 (VP of engineering)

5. Network Systems Administrator

This is one job where if your boss has troubleshooting function issues or network crash you will be the one to be called. The systems administrator is one of the most important people in the company. Your work umbrella includes controlling user access to the network to maintaining backups of the server.

You can expect: $70,000
From $60,000 (network systems engineer) to $95,000 (network systems administrator)

Check out the career center in order to find out how much of a salary other careers are getting.

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