Using Hacking to Destroy the Hackers

Do you remember the virus they called “I Love You?” It was a malicious code that destroyed many computer networks. No business ever wants this to be repeated and many are taking up unusual proactive strategies in order to combat it. A number of ‘Hackers’ camps’ have been conducted all over the country in order to combat this growing menace. These camps are actually training programs that teach engineers think like hackers so that they can neutralize them.

An Education in Ethical Hacking

By paying a hefty fee, a qualified engineer can enroll for an intensive five-day hackers’ training program where they are taught to hack into servers in order to steal fictional bank account data. They are also given challenging tasks that force them to think out of the box. Their computer networking skills are sharpened and enhanced while they attack and test the weaknesses of networking strongholds instead of building them.

In what is cialis the bank account hacking exercise, the engineers learn a technique known as sequel injection that helps to retrieve fictional account information. They hunt for ports that are not protected by firewalls, tunnel into networks, retrieve data, and hack servers in a couple of hours.

Ever Heard of Certified Ethical Hackers?

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants has been training and certifying engineers as ethical hackers since 2001. More than thirty thousand computer experts have been awarded a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) degree since then. This program trains you about a number of hacking techniques like Virus Creation, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, and many more. If this sounds just like what you want to do, you can enroll in a computer-networking program that trains you to become Certified Ethical Hacker.

All you need to have is at least two years of experience in any field related to information security as well as a degree in computer networking. If you are already working fulltime or lack mobility, a distance learning degree program will work just as well. A university degree and certification in ethical hacking will give you a strong foothold in this profession.

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